The LOCATOR LaserDiscs 


We have CLOSED our virtual doors and are no longer selling LaserDiscs.

We will be liquidating our entire inventory on throughout the month of JULY with starting bids at approximately 25% of our regular price and no reserve (seller ID = thelocator).

If you have some titles on hold, please let us know by June 30th if you are still interested in purchasing them.

Thank you for the many years of support.

Long Live LaserDisc!



All customer data will be kept confidential and will NOT be sold/bartered/given away.


No, we are NOT going into DVDs.


In addition to eBay you can still find a good selection of LDs on the following websites:

Sight & Sound - **will NOT ship outside of North America**

Ken Cranes -

Big Emma -


You can jump to our eBay sellers page (LDs not posted until July) by going to: